William T. Hastings
Contribution to Wrestling

     Annually, the MWOA recognizes one individual who best exemplifies the true meaning of sportsmanship in the sport of wrestling, along with one individual for their outstanding contribution for the betterment of the sport of wrestling. The Contribution to Wrestling Award was first presented in 1965, and the Sportsmanship Award has been bestowed upon one individual since 1974. It is considered to be an extreme honor to receive these awards, and these two awards are held in high regard by all involved in the sport of wrestling throughout the state of Maryland.

     Below is a list of individuals who have received the Contribution to Wrestling Award from the MWOA.

Year Recipient School or Association

1964-65 Don Sudbrink Bel Air H.S.
1965-66 Charles Gamper M.S.A.
1966-67 Frank Truchet Baltimore County
1968-69 Ray Oliver McDonogh School
1969-70 Paul Rusko Anne Arundel County
1970-71 John Lowe Milford Mill H.S.
1971-72 Dr. Charles Brown M.J.W.L.
1972-73 Bucky Workman Catonsville Community College
1973-74 Chuck Dysleski North Harford H.S.
1974-75 Al Hunt Southern H.S. - Anne Arundel
1975-76 Neil Adelberg Mount Saint Joseph H.S.
1976-77 Elmer Dize Mervo H.S.
1977-78 Ron Belinko Overlea H.S.
1978-79 Al Kohlhafer Northeast H.S. - Anne Arundel
1979-80 Dick Slutsky Aberdeen H.S.
1980-81 Bill Hastings Baltimore Polytechnic H.S.
1981-82 Claude Darr Franklin H.S.
1982-83 Mike Hampe Old Mill H.S.
1983-84 Buddy Hepfer Arundel H.S.
1984-85 Desi McNelis Saint Paul's School
1985-86 Haswell Franklin M.S.W.A
1986-87 Guy Pritzker Owings Mill H.S. / M.J.W.L
1987-88 Steve Carnahan Oakland Mills H.S.
1988-89 Al Miller Perry Hall H.S.
1989-90 Ray Grozkowski Owings Mills H.S.
1990-91 Bob Crandell M.J.W.L
1991-92 Dwight Warren Mervo H.S. / McKim
1992-93 Pete Chakmakas Dulaney H.S.
1993-94 Jack Woodward M.J.W.L / M.W.O.A. / Essex Community College
1994-95 Tom Lamonica Friends School
1995-96 Lee Hughes M.W.O.A.
1996-97 Paul Triplett Mount Saint Joseph H.S.
1997-98 John Lowe, Jr. Western Maryland College
1998-99 Tom Gaylin M.W.O.A.
1999-00 Bo Eibner Overlea H.S.
2000-01 Dennis Frazier Loyola H.S.
2001-02 Dan Zotterelli Kent County H.S.
2002-03 Bill Hendrix M.J.W.L - Middle River
2003-04 Tom DiCarlo M.J.W.L - Golden Ring
2004-05 Earl Lauer River Hill H.S.
2005-06 Andy Schipul Kent Island H.S.
2005-06 Pete Welch McDonogh School
2006-07 Bill Hastings Baltimore Polytechnic H.S./M.W.O.A.
2007-08 Cornell Bass
2008-09 Ken Kiler M.J.W.L - Manchester
2009-10 Ed Kelly M.W.O.A.
2010-11 Nate Davis Owings Mills JL
2011-12 Robert Smoot McDonogh School
2012-13 Bruce Malinowski Overlea H.S./M.W.O.A.
2012-13 Dean Cox Rising Sun H.S.
2013-14 Cory and Erin Holmes McDonogh School
2014-15 Henry Franklin Gilman School/M.S.W.A.
2015-16 Wavie Gibson Baltimore Polytechnic H.S.
2016-17 Bill Zimmerman Edgewood H.S./M.W.O.A.
2017-18 Ron Causey Hereford H.S.
2018-19 Harry Barnabae Mount Saint Joseph H.S.