MWOA Awards - Gold Whistle

In 2006 the MWOA established the "Gold Whistle Award" to recoginze a retired official who throughout their career has continuously achieved an extraordinary level of success.

The recipient must meet the following criteria:

At least 25 years as a member in good standing.
Consistently officiated the championship series of State High School wrestling (includes MPSSAA Championships and/or Independent Schools State Championships).
The recipient should also be a member who has a history of extraordinary service to the MWOA either as a board member or committee member.

2006 Bob Newton
2010 Walt Reed
2011 Dick Clem
2011 Tom Fitch
2011 Tom Gaylin
2011 William Hastings
2011 Lee Hughes
2011 Ed Kelly
2011 Paul Loverde
2011 George McKelvie
2011 Ray Oliver
2011 Jack Woodward
2014 Rich Gobeli
2019 Stewart Martinez
2019 Richard Schmertzler