MWOA Awards - Special

     Annually, the MWOA recognizes one individual who best exemplifies the true meaning of sportsmanship in the sport of wrestling, along with one individual for their outstanding contribution for the betterment of the sport of wrestling. The Contribution to Wrestling Award was first presented in 1965, and the Sportsmanship Award has been bestowed upon one individual since 1974. It is considered to be an extreme honor to receive these awards, and these two awards are held in high reguard by all involved in the sport of wrestling throughout the state of Maryland.

     Occasionally, individuals stand out for other very specific reasons which the MWOA deems extremely significant for the sport of wrestling. These individuals are awarded a special award from the MWOA.

     Below is a list of individuals who have received a special award from the MWOA.

Mr. Ernest Von Scwerdiner
Mr. Lem Saterfield
Dr. Benjamine Segiel
Mr. George McKelvie
Mr. Lee Hughes
Mr. James Schartner
Mr. John McHugh
Mr. Jim Chung